Bhojsons Group unveils DAB solar water pumps

The new product was showcased to dealers during a forum and training session held in Lagos, Nigeria.


Bhojsons Group has unveiled its innovative DAB solar water pumps in a bid to expand its market in Nigeria and the West Africa region.The new product was showcased to dealers during a forum and training session held in Lagos.

Speaking at the occasion, Warren McMurtry, Export Manager, DAB, Italy, explained that; as a product from Grundfos, DAB pumps have advantages over other brands in terms of better price.

Grundfos is a leading water pumps manufacturer known for quality water pumps with seven production facilities across the world, with their products covering commercial, domestic, industrial, and agricultural market for Asia, Europe, and Africa.

“Due to the current low response to the DAB brands in Nigeria, there is a need to expand the market through training and providing useful information to distributors for a better knowledge of the product capable of enhancing the ability to sell better and provide assistance to users whenever the need arises.” McMurtry said.

He reiterated that adding value to the services is important in as much as Bhojsons is bringing a number of innovative and unique products that are unavailable in any of other channels or produced by competitors into the Nigerian market.

Bhojsons Group Chairman, Deepak Dalamal noted that DAB water pumps come with very simple configuration, user-friendly, and effectiveness in service delivery. DAB is a self-priming centrifugal pump with excellent suction capacity even when there are air bubbles, particularly suitable for water supply in domestic installations, small scale agriculture, gardening, and wherever self- priming operation is necessary.

Concerning the influx of substandard DAB water pumps in the nation’s market, Deepak said Bhojsons is “working closely with the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), as well as different dealer associations across the country to tackle the menace, even to stop the unwholesome importations from the source in China.”