Chinese heat pump maker to release new hot water heaters to South African market


PHNIX, one of the largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters in China, is looking to release new heat pump hot water heaters to its South African market.

The Deputy General Manager of PHNIX global overseas business Mr. Peter Wang said this is a strategic move by the company as they regard South Africa as one of their most important emerging markets. This is as far as the development of new heat pump technologies and products to help support its local business partners is concerned.

The new PHNIX heat pump hot water products for the South African market are mainly the HeatPlus series and the HeatPower series. These are designed to meet the needs for water at 60~80 degrees Celsius in commercial industrial areas.

The HeatPlus series are very cost-effective. Moreover, PHNIX’s two existing series’ for hot water and house heating solutions have proven successful in South Africa. This is according to Mr. Troy Wang, PHNIX global sales manager.

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The new heat pumps have been referred to as a highly cost-effective solution. This is because the price of PHNIX HeatPlus and HeatPower heat pump series is 15~20% less than similar products on the market. They are also the perfect solution for hot water and house heating.

Eco-friendly PHNIX HeatPlus and HeatPower Heat Pump Water Heaters have a guaranteed high COP of 4.68 during operation. As such, they have acquired the first class energy label and provide sufficient and stable hot water for commercial and industrial use. They are also compatible with solar panels and are thus energy conservative.

The PHNIX heatplus heat pump series has a 5-inch wire-controlled LCD display that has several functions such as water temperature curve display, easy timing, and one-key mute, and mute timer. It also has several control modes and is easy to operate.

PHNIX is a leading manufacturer of heat pumps in China. It is an international enterprise that specializes in the production of heat pump products and energy-saving solutions.