Diesel Generating Set Manufacturer Launches App for iOS

Diesel Generators in Welland Power UK Factory

Welland Power, the UK diesel generator manufacturer has today launched an app for iOS – Welland Power Live. The app, which has been developed in house by the design team at Welland Power, offers a range of features for customers and end users to use, promote and receive support on Welland Power products. Welland Power Diesel GeneratorsThe iOS App has a range of features including stock listings, support access, a generator sizing tool, a gallery of images and a company video as well as the important access to confirm that the product is a genuine Welland Power product by the serial number.

Made in the UK Welland Power generators are a reliable source of power and are used extensively across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as in Europe for either Prime Power (PRP) Diesel Generators or Standby Power (ESP) Diesel Generators. For any application the tools available in the Welland Power iOS app can help you to size generators correctly – regardless of if you choose to buy a Welland power product!