Veolia supplies packaged boiler water treatment plant in Tanzania

The plant will treat process water to the standards required by the natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Tanzania


Veolia Water Technologies South Africa supplied a 10 m3/hour package plant to treat the boiler feed water at a natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Tanzania.

The packaged water treatment plant will treat process water to the standards required by the power plant’s boilers.

The company was contracted by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) responsible for the supply and installation of heat recovery boilers, steam turbines and other associated equipment.

“Correctly treating the water cycle within the boiler system is critical to ensure the boilers provide optimum performance over their service life in order to increase plant efficiency,” explained Kgomotso Khomo, Project Engineer, Veolia Water Technologies South Africa.

“Improper treatment of boiler feed water can result in overheating, failure to produce hot water or steam, a drop in the boiler flow rate, an overall loss of efficiency and component damage,” he added

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Supplied as a prefabricated package solution, the plant was assembled at Veolia’s Water Techno Packages Division in Sebenza, Johannesburg, in just 12 weeks.

Veolia’s modular plants provide plug-and-play water treatment for operations with inadequate access to bulk water and wastewater treatment, or those requiring more specialised water treatment standards, with a quick turnaround time.

Coagulation, flocculation, lamella clarification, sand filtration, disinfection and reverse osmosis are all standard processes in these off-the-shelf plants, while this specific boiler water applications required an additional Activated Carbon Filter in the pre-treatment phase to protect the RO membranes.

Pre-assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested at Veolia’s Engineered Systems Division, these plants comply with SANS and WHO quality levels.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa helps industries and municipalities provide drinking water, deal with wastewater and work towards zero liquid discharge, with a focus on low-footprint, high-efficiency water treatment solutions.

As one of the leading water treatment companies in South Africa, Veolia targets the complete water treatment cycle, with over 350 proprietary technologies covering everything from pre-treatment to sludge treatment and water reuse.