Weir Minerals Africa unveils MCR 450 pump


Weir Minerals Africa will be showcasing its mill circuit pump – the Warman MCR450 at Electra Mining Africa 2018.The  expo will take place from 10th to14th September at the Expo Centre NASREC, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Engineered for use in the most aggressive duties, Warman® Mill Circuit pumps easily manage large size particles in highly abrasive slurries. These pumps are designed for the most severe slurry applications such as ball and SAG mill cyclone feed as well as water-flush crushing in mineral processing plants.

Marnus Koorts, Product Manager of slurry pumps at Weir Minerals Africa, says that the 13 ton slurry handling machine is designed to increase productivity and decrease downtime. That is when compared to older generation and other pumps in the industry. Moreover, Warman® Mill Circuit pumps are based on 80 years of fundamental and applied research, backed by wear performance field trials.

This pump comes as an advantage to the mining sector since mill circuit applications are known to be among the toughest in a minerals processing plant. Koorts also explains that the Warman MCR pumps incorporate both the latest in hypereutectic alloy and elastomer technology. This, according to him, significantly extends the wear life of the pump in highly abrasive and corrosive slurries. In the end, operational costs are significantly reduced.

The MCR is fitted with high resilience rubber wear liner, which enables the handling of coarse particles and ball scats with ease. Additionally, it has a lightweight design in comparison to other pumps in its category. This facilitates safer handling. It is also a lower cost than traditional heavy metal liners.

Importantly, different material combinations are available to ensure that the customer gets a fit-for-application pump capable of providing reliable performance cost effectively, tailored to their site conditions.

The Warman MCR pump has a large diameter, low speed, high efficiency impeller. Koorts explains that this can be manufactured from a range of abrasion resistant alloys. As such, this gives room for the selection of the most appropriate material for the application in question. This will increase wear life and reduce operating costs when compared to other pumps in its category.

Additional features such as reduced recirculation as well as the minimized expelling vane tip turbulence extend wear life and reduce maintenance. The split outer casing on the pump provides structural integrity and high operating pressure capability, ease of maintenance and safety.