Xylem brand – Sensus releases game-changing Sonix IQ™ smart gas meter

The new Sonix IQ is a game-changing smart gas meter which offers precise ultrasonic measurement plus more advanced communications and smart sensing functions for residential use.


The new Sonix IQ™ is a game-changing smart gas meter created by Sensus, a Xylem brand. This compact, residential gas meter offers precise ultrasonic measurement, integrated communications and advanced smart sensing functions such as theft detection and continuous health checks.

Gas utilities will benefit from greater operational efficiency and cost savings through remote management with this one smart meter.

“The Sonix IQ delivers proven ultrasonic metrology with the highly integrated communications capability and performance of FlexNet, while adding critical control capability that ensures safety across the entire residential metering installation,” said Sensus Vice President of Technology & Marketing Steve Toteda.

“Residential ultrasonic metering technology has been in development for many years. The use of this technology for wide-scale residential deployment may be a game-changer for utilities in that the smart meters can be self-diagnostic and require less maintenance,” said Black & Veatch Principal Consultant Joe Turgeon.

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“This technology has the opportunity to transition the way utilities safely do business with residential customers through gas meters with integrated measurement and communications to provide more timely data collection and advanced features.”

Go beyond meter reading
Ultrasonic meters are digital and highly precise. The Sonix IQ goes beyond meter reading to gather real-time consumption data and readily transmits and receives data with the integrated FlexNet® communication network. The smart meter stores 90 days of hourly data or twice the information of its predecessor.

“Now utilities can viably upgrade their mechanical meters and separate communications devices to a single, solid ultrasonic meter pool and significantly reduce the staff time and costs associated with repairing and replacing meter parts, batteries and communications devices,” said Director of Global Gas Marketing Dan Bennett.”

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This smart residential gas meter currently offers theft detection through a variety of flow indicators. It also performs continuous health checks through internal diagnostics.

Long-lasting and compact smart meter
The Sonix IQ is long-lasting with 20-year battery life. The built-in FlexNet SmartPoint® communication device eliminates the need to maintain and replace the separate meter and radio devices on staggered schedules.

It is also compact, about half the size of a traditional mechanical meter, and one meter size serves both the 250 and 400 class options. Sonix IQ can go anywhere; cramped installations or multi-meter banks servicing high rise apartments.

“The next phase of the Sonix IQ will include a new standard for gas metering with features such as remote pressure monitoring and shutoff,” said Bennett.