Sundyne Announces The Sunflo Industrial Grade Pumps For Boiler Feed Water Applications


Sundyne, a global leader in the design and manufacture of pumps and compressors, today announced that its Sunflo industrial grade pumps have effectively addressed suction transient conditions in boiler feed water applications in universities and hospitals throughout the United States.

Steam power and cogeneration plant operators are rapidly replacing segmented ring pumps with Sunflo industrial grade pumps. In each case, the physical size of the boiler room limits the vertical distance between the deaerator and the boiler feed water pumps, as these constraints are often set by the height of the plant’s roofline. As a result, Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) available to pumps is limited, making the plants susceptible to suction transient conditions that enable vapor to travel from the deaerator to the pump, causing cavitation, pump failures and power plant shutdowns.

Sunflo integrally geared high-pressure pumps feature thrust bearings as part of their unique modular shaft assembly, which are sized to handle axial thrust without problematic balancing devices. This feature enables Sunflo pumps to withstand upset conditions common to cogeneration plants, while also simplifying service access.

The impellers on Sunflo pumps feature unique suction inducer technology, which is optimized to deliver low NPSH requirements – eliminating pump cavitation. Sunflo pumps also leverage Sundyne’s field-proven high pressure impeller technology that is optimized to deliver high head.

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Sunflo pumps are well suited to address the aggressive nature of boiler feed water applications, featuring 316-stainless steel construction as a standard, with higher alloys available, compared to segmented ring pumps that are commonly constructed from cast iron or carbon steel. The single-stage design simplicity and compact footprint requires approximately 50% less steel than segmented ring pumps.

A more efficient seal cooling process, which recirculates the process fluid from the seal chamber through a seal flush cooler and back into the seal chamber, is now available for Sunflo pumps. This efficient process reduces fouling and requires less water and energy for cooling, compared to API-Plan 21 cooling processes, which are widely used with segmented ring pumps.

“Heating and power plant operators at universities such as Princeton have run into problems when they’ve attempted to deploy segmented ring pumps,” said Sundyne’s Industrial Business Unit Leader Dustin Moran. “We worked with the engineers at Princeton to replace their segmented ring pumps with Sunflo Industrial Grade pumps. As a result, Princeton increased the efficiency of their plant, and they’ve substantially reduced the amount of maintenance required to keep their pumps operating at peak efficiency.”

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