Major infrastructure trade expo to take place in Rwanda for the first time

The event organisers, ACE Event Management, provide the second key to success, having undertaken successful trade fairs in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 24 years.


Water Africa and East Africa Building & Construction 2018, which is taking place for the time in Kigali – Rwanda from 6-8 November 2018 at the Serena Hotel, will combine two winning dynamics to provide a major event for East Africa.

Firstly, the host country, Rwanda, has experienced an extraordinary regrowth from the devastation of its civil war in the 1990s.

The East African reports a fast growing economy: “Rwanda registered a 6.7 per cent GDP growth in the second quarter of 2018 boosted by the industry, agriculture and service sectors. The economy expanded to an estimated Rwf2 trillion ($2.27 billion) from Rwf1.86 trillion ($1.12 billion) in the same period last year.”

The UK charity Water Aid lavishes the country with praise: “Anyone in doubt about whether change is possible should look to Rwanda. Following a brutal civil war, the country has made astounding progress,” says Water Aid’s website.

Almost three in five people now have clean water, says Water Aid, “and two-thirds of the population have a decent toilet.” The government plans to reach everyone with clean water, toilets and hygiene as soon as 2020.

The event organisers, ACE Event Management, provide the second key to success, having undertaken successful trade fairs in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 24 years. The events combine displays and demonstrations of technology and expertise with well-attended seminars on topics relevant to the region.

Infrastructure needs addressed
Why is Water Africa and East Africa Building & Construction such a vital event? Because, as long as population growth outstrips the provision of housing, roads and services such as water supply and sanitation, those whose responsibility it is to provide this infrastructure will need to find strategies and techniques to speed up supply and delivery.

Events like the Kigali event in November provide a means for closing the communications gap between those who research, develop and market new technologies, materials and innovations, and those whose job it is to find the best and most cost-effective means to implement projects for their citizens.

In most of the major cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, population movement is placing unprecedented stress on fragile ecosystems and urban environments that have poorly developed urban water and sanitation infrastructure, and a lack of suitable transport and housing.

On show at the exhibition
The November exhibition will bring together international and local companies and organisations to display their goods and services and provide help and information for those in central and local government, NGOs, consulting firms and contractors about the latest ways of implementing vital infrastructure.

On the water and sanitation side, Water Africa 2018 will display technology and information about urban and rural water supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, irrigation and flood control. Technology will range from pipes and pumps to sophisticate monitoring and control systems.

Rwanda Rural Sanitation Activity (Isuku Iwacu) is a platinum sponsor for the event and sees this as a great opportunity to bring together key stakeholders both in the public and private sector to discuss important and pertinent issues in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Rwanda.

Isuku Iwacu is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Led by SNV, the project is implemented by a consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations including World Vision and Water for People. They will be exhibiting and also presenting at the water/sanitation seminar.

East Africa Building & Construction 2018 will have on show machines and materials to make tasks quicker, simpler and safer, while providing ideas for new types of construction and housing. Equipment will range from mechanical diggers to hammers and nails.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Rwanda Convention Bureau, the Institute of Engineers of Rwanda (IER) and the Rwandan Institute of Architects.

Seminar benefits
Every Water Africa and East Africa Building & Construction event has a strong seminar programme for water and sanitation, and a similar one for building and construction. To this event has been added an extra one-day workshop and course on integrated water and sanitation management, which will provide attendees with a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate.

The course/workshop will be led by Prof Bob Andoh, technical adviser to AWD Consult Inc and visiting professor at Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

The Water Engineering seminar will be on 6 November, the Building & Construction seminar will occupy 7 November, while the water management course/workshop will take place on 8 November.

Location and dates
Water Africa and East Africa Building & Construction 2018 will take place at the Serena Hotel during 6-8 November. For seminar places and information contact the organiser or