8 Advantages of MBBR Wastewater Water Treatment

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or MBBR wastewater treatment involves a simplified operational system that typically provides higher removal performance than the typical conventional biological wastewater treatment framework


The effects of rapid urbanization in Africa and across the world, has caused domestic and industrial wastewater to be released into the environment with only basic treatment, causing significant consequences to humans and wildlife. Several organic compounds in municipal wastewater are detected in various types of wastewater, affecting human health, water quality, and the biodiversity of ecosystems worldwide. These organic compounds, such as total suspended solids (TSS), COD, BOD and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) have significant impacts on receiving water bodies, therefore choosing an appropriate advanced treatment technology to effectively remove organic matter in wastewater is critical. This advanced biological technology is specialized moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) technology.

Several biological treatment technologies have been in practice for generations including the conventional activated sludge process (ASP). However, advanced MBBR wastewater treatment is a relatively new biological water treatment process being used for the secondary treatment of both domestic waste water and industrial wastewater with excellent performance results.

MBBR or Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology is an innovative process of purifying wastewater by using a specialized biological treatment process using advanced suspended growth media, combining the benefits of both suspended growth and fixed film processes into one hybrid easier to operate solution.

This treatment process can be utilized for both municipal and industrial sectors for nitrification, organic removal (BOD/COD), and purification of water. This treatment process is typically integrated into a secondary stage treatment process with both primary and tertiary treatment systems to achieve higher contaminant removal performance to meet increasingly stringent wastewater regulations.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or MBBR wastewater treatment involves a simplified operational system that typically provides higher removal performance than the typical conventional biological wastewater treatment framework. MBBR biological treatment does not require the recirculation of waste activated sludge, therefore, because of this advantage among other advantages, this technology has become one of the preferred biological treatment technologies across the world for both domestic and certain commercial wastewater treatment applications.

Fundamental Advantages of Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) Wastewater Treatment:

 Environmentally Friendly:

The state-of-the-art technology and biological schemes used in this system approach make it more health-accommodating and environmentally friendly.

Efficient and Practical:

The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is a highly effective biological treatment process that was developed with the benefits of both suspended growth and fixed film biological processes. This process allows the system to be operated at high organic loads with less sensitivity to shock loading or temporary spikes in pH.

Compact Dimensions:

While different water treatment systems demand a large space to be placed, MBBR wastewater

treatment systems are compatible with a small footprint, which is almost 1/3rd of the space that other conventional biological wastewater system processes require such as activated sludge or SBR.


In comparison to other wastewater treatment systems, MBBR wastewater treatment is cost efficient in its associated operation and maintenance expenses.

Complete Solids Removal with improved Settling Characteristics

Increased Treatment Capacity

Reduced Sludge Production with no problems associated with Sludge Bulking

Self Cleaning Media with Enhanced Biofilm Stability

Overall, MBBR biological wastewater treatment systems have several benefits including their

treatment resilience and their overall treatment performance for BOD/COD, TSS, and nitrogen. MBBR based systems combine the best attributes of activated sludge systems with fixed film treatment systems to achieve good treatment in a small footprint. Although these systems do tend to require a skilled operator to maintain optimized treatment removal performance, these systems are relatively easy to operate.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. has the expertise and experience to design and supply these MBBR biological wastewater treatment systems to retrofit conventional treatment systems or as part of a new wastewater treatment plant construction throughout Africa, in associated with qualified local civil engineering contractors to serve both municipal and industrial clients.

Moving Bed bioreactor systems utilizing Mbio parabolic media from Genesis Water Technologies provides optimized protected surface area loading with >2000 m2/m3 biologically protected surface area to minimize system footprint and maximize treatment performance.